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Why I became a trainer?

I’ve been practicing since I was seven. Every day. For a couple of hours. Without any excuses. Consistently and systematically. I was determined, ambitious and what’s important, I had the right skills. Since I was a child I was convinced that I would be a… pianist. Exactly like that, a pianist! For years, music has been much more important to me than sport. And sitting in front of the piano keyboard, I would never believe that a few years later I would enjoy waving my barbell in the training room.


Keyboard vs. barbell

The gym was always present in my life. To be more precisely – at home. My dad collected and made fair training equipment in the small basement room. Regular trainings and the passion he put into it made a huge impact on me. In addition to that he combined it with the work as a doctor and family life. This was the time when a thought had cross my mind to go about training seriously. My dad thought me a lot after all. Unfortunately 24 hours wasn’t enough to implement it. Attending 2 schools and having to choose between gym and keyboard I always picked the last.



Gym between (university) seminars

Since I was a kid I was always passionate about foreign languages. German and English were my favorite ones. In high school I spent my free time learning new vocabulary and playing the piano, when I had to decide what to do. When it came to choosing course of study I decided for German philology. I didn’t have to spend everyday at my university. Being accustomed to regular activity I felt that something is missing.

Having more free time I came up with the idea of continuing my artistic path by attending Acting School. At the same time I stared training at the gym. Every next training session made me feel better, week after week I did visible progress. I saw positive change in my wellbeing and attitude, I got more energy. I started reading fitness magazines, buying books, paying more attention on what I eat. Training became an inherent part of my life.


Personal trainer

At the beginning of my career, I didn’t plan to become a personal trainer. I read a lot; learn a lot, attended in further trainings and courses with a view to improving my own training. The work came out completely by accident – from helping one or the other colleague in the training, and then others. In the meantime, it turned out that planning training, writing diets and teaching proper technique gives me a lot of satisfaction. Helping other people to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life became my goal. So, never planning to do so, I became a personal trainer.