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About me


My name is Jędrzej Dul. I have been working as a personal trainer for six years, i.e. I help clients achieve their goals. Regardless of whether you want to build a figure, burn fat, improve fitness or simply better health and well-being, you are guaranteed that I will do everything to help you achieve your dream results.


What kind of trainer am I?

I’ve been a coach for a few years. I am much better than two years ago, better than last year and next year I will be better than now.  All the time I put a lot of emphasis on self-development. Over the years I have completed several dozen training courses in dietetics, nutrition and training and I want to be up to date all the time. It does matter to me to be abreast of everything that’s happening in the sport sciences.


How I work?

 I don’t work with dozens of clients at once, I don’t write nutrition plans by copying old ones. I care about the fact that each client should be approached really individually and professionally. I’m not working with dozen of clients at the same time. If my schedule is full, I will tell you about it. And when I will be available you can be sure that I will treat you as best as I can, and the training and diet will bring results.


Why I became a trainer?

I’ve been practicing since I was seven. Every day. For a couple of hours. Without any excuses. Consistently and systematically. I was determined, ambitious and what’s important, I had the right skills. Since I was a child I was convinced that I would be a… 


Seminars I attended

Clients reviews

Clients reviews


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